Touch Bar Preview
& macOS UI Kit

An open source app to display your designs on the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro. I’ve created this app after publishing a macOS UI Kit for other designers. I wanted a tool to easily preview your designs on the hardware it’s designed for.

Q3 2016 – Now

Private Project



App Development

Touch Bar Preview

project preview

Just drag and drop any Touch Bar design into the app and see the preview right inside the actual hardware. You can download the app for free to use it for your own designs.

App Website

macOS UI Kit

project preview

I’ve created an open source UI Kit for macOS UI designs. The UI Kit is divided into two parts. A kit for macOS app designs and a kit for the Touch Bar buttons. Both kit’s include the most used standard system elements and a full vector MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar. macOS UI Kit is designed for and free to use.

More About the UI Kit