Timing 2

Timing 2 is a professional time tracking app for macOS developed by Daniel Alm. The app helps to track your working hours used by apps, documents and more. I’ve designed the logo and application icon.

Q1 – Q2 2017

Daniel Alm


Logo Design

Icon Design

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project preview

The challenge for this project was to create a logo that is unique to identify but also represents the known metaphors for time tracking. We ended up with the hand written “T” in combination with the partial clock ticks. The partial clock additionally represents a speedometer that illustrates the increased performance/efficiency you can gain using this tool.

project preview

The app icon represents one of the most significant features of Timing – the analysis of your time tracking using the broad statistics. This was one of the aspects we wanted to show in the icon next to the logo. Also the apps UI consists of multiple cards with different statistics on each of it. This is represented by the two cards in the app icon.

project preview

These are some of the sketches I made during the early stages of the logo design.