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pxlwaves lab is my own brand for developing apps for macOS, iOS, iPadOS and Android. I continue to develop this collection of small tools in my free-time.

2010 – Now

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The pxlwaves lab initially started in 2010, when I developed my first app for iPhone. Over the following years, many different apps would follow, of which some still exist today. In 2012 the apps merged into FingerCoding, a software company I co-founded with my brother and other friends. After FingerCoding reached an end in 2017, my apps needed a new home, so pxlwaves lab was born. A “lab” where I can continue to experiment with different technologies, explore new ideas, and improve my skills in designing and developing software products for users.

pxlwaves lab Logo

My very first iOS app – MyLight – marked the beginning of my journey to creating apps. It started as a test project to get used to the new programming language. Over the last years, I’ve developed two major revisions with new features and a more user-friendly design. With over 2.9 million downloads and about 60,000 users per day (as of January 2021), the app still helps many users to light up their environments.