MacDown for macOS

MacDown is a free open source Markdown editor for Mac. I’ve helped designing different aspects of the apps interface as well as the document icon.

Q3 2014 & 2017

Open Source Contribution


Icon Design

Interface Design

Software Development

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My contribution to the open source project started with the creation of a simple and elegant document icon. The goal was to fit the style of the app icon (designed by Matt Zanchelli ) but also stand out next to the common document icons of macOS.

App UI

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As MacDown has a lot of options that the user can change in the preferences, I helped designing easy to understand icons. The user should quickly see which category of settings allows which changes. The icons represent settings for: General, Markdown, Editor, Preview and Terminal (left to right).

project preview project preview

As the latest contribution I’ve designed and also participated in developing Toolbar and Touch Bar button icons. I’ve created easy to recognize glyphs and also useful default button layouts that should fit for the majority of the users. Both the Toolbar and Touch Bar should be available with the next coming update.