Kolula App

It’s like bike-sharing for “Stand Up Paddling” (SUP) boards. Kolula is an upcoming service to rent SUP boards via an app on the go. The service will provide lockers with boards on different locations in Germany. The service will be easy to use and fast to book.

Q2 2018 – Q4 2018

Ermisch & Bredow UG


Interface Design

UX Design

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project preview

Renting a SUP board is as easy as renting a bike. Create a Kolula account, select one of the locations you want to surf and order one or more boards for a given time. The goal is to create a seamless experience for the user while maintaining the security to minimize broken or stolen boards. I’ve helped the founders to create an easy to use app interface and enhancing the user interactions required to book a board.

project preview

It was quite challenging to create a simple experience with the complexity of a booking process like this. The user has to create an account, verify itself with a valid payment method and select the location, date, time frame and board type. After the booking the user has to be able to interact with the lockers in the given location to get the board(s). While starting the booking, the user has to be able to report a broken board to quickly get a replacement board from a different tray.

This kind of interaction between app and hardware was quite challenging for me, but a very interesting task to tackle. The project is still in progress, therefore this is a current state of the design and may change during development.