Keepfully for iOS

My latest private project is an app that allows you to keep track of money you borrowed from friends or lent to them. It’s my third iOS app published under my own brand pxlwaves lab.

Q3 2017 – Now

Private Project


Icon Design

Interface Design

Software Development

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project preview

Keepfully is developed with simplicity in mind. It should only take you seconds to see who owes you money or whom you still have to give money. Even creating new loan entries should be done in a blink. This kind of tool should not keep you on the display for longer than needed. That was my motto while creating the apps interface.

project preview

Keepfully is optimized for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. You can try out the app by yourself for free.

The App

project preview

The detailed app icon shows all of the apps aspects – sharing money with family and friends. Even though it’s very detailed it maintains the simplicity of an easy to recognize app icon. As the Apple Watch icons are significantly smaller than iOS icons, I further reduced the elements visible in the watch icon.

project preview

The app itself is based on a very few screens. While creating a new loan the app automatically collects data like the creation date or location to give enough details to the user without overloading the UI. This kind of information should help the user to reconstruct in which case he or she borrowed money from a friend, even when he or she just quickly saved the price without connecting a name or title to the loan.

project preview

Details like swipe gestures to quickly mark loans as payed back or the price selection wheel help the user to swiftly interact with the UI.

project preview

Keepfully is perfectly suited to be used on Apple Watch. Quickly check open loans and most importantly add new loans in seconds. Predefined loan titles (which can be changed in the app settings) allow you to create loans without writing text on your wrist.