Glimpses for macOS

Glimpses is a small app to create still motion videos on the fly. I’ve designed the user interface and the app icons as well. This is the second version I made for the developer to fit the new flat macOS style.

Q2 2015

Eternal Storms Software


Icon Design

Interface Design

UX Design

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With version 2.0 the developer Matthias decided to change the name of the app from Briefly to Glimpses. Hence the app needed a new icon to better metaphorically reflect the apps features. In just a blink you can create still motion videos or create a fast paced slideshow of your hundreds of vacation photos that only takes minutes to watch. That is what the app icon emphasizes.

The App

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The clear interface allows the user to add as many photos as he or she wants with just a drag and drop. The image preview won’t miss you any photo in the video. Right inside the main window the app gives quick access to soundtrack and video settings.

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To give your movie a little character the user can add one or more soundtracks. To further customize the soundtrack it’s possible to shorten each track right inside the app. So you can play your favorite part of the song you always listen to.

For importing your photos we integrated a way to download your photos directly from Flickr or Instagram. The user is then able to select albums or hashtags to filter the results. Of course it’s also possible to use locally stored photos.

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After creating your video the app shows you a preview of the video itself and allows you to directly share it with friends or others.

Document Icon

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Version 1.0

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As one of the first projects for Eternal Storms Software I’ve started designing Version 1.0 of Glimpses back in 2012. The main features were already introduced back then and we laid down a lot of the UX foundations. With the update of version 2 we further improved them and completely changed the visual style.