BreakOut rebranding

BreakOut is a sustainable charity-project organized by an interdisciplinary group of students on a voluntary basis. It’s an event to collect donations for each traveled kilometer. Groups of two people try to travel as far away as possible from the start city in only 36 hours. There are limits – everyone can participate in the event! Between 2016 and 2018 we raised around 280,000 € in donations!

Q3 2015 – Q2 2017

BreakOut e.V.


Design Lead

Interface Design

Web Design

Front-End Development

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After joining the design team in 2016 I’ve superseded the design lead in 2017 and developed the whole new branding for BreakOut to give it a new and fresh look. We wanted to represent the feeling of freedom and adventure. This lead to the logo of a map pin containing a world map combined with a playful font. We also kept the bright orange as signature color which works great for calling attention while hitchhiking.

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For the first time in my career I had the opportunity to create a branding guideline from ground up. I’ve not only created an overview of the used colors, fonts, … but also showed do’s and don’ts of how to use the name and logo of the BreakOut brand. The goal was to create a easy to read guideline for everyone of the big BreakOut team, no matter in which position he or she is.

Mobile App

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Starting in 2016 I’ve worked on creating a rich user experience for the mobile app of BreakOut. The app is a central point for the event as all of the participants have to use it to report their progress. Together with the IT team we’ve designed a big set of features that should help the participants to better post their status updates and communicate with other teams while traveling.

As BreakOut is a voluntary charity-project, time is always a scarce resource. A lot of features had to be postponed to later updates or were simplified during the development.

Website and More

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Of course the website was also part of the new branding identity. A more interesting start page, simplified menu structure and broader team pages were designed and planned by us.

Next to the digital designs a lot of print design task – like designing posters, flyers or shirts – had to be done by the very small design team of 2 people.