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The Geblerstr. is a project by the Architecture Office Käßner. I’ve designed and developed a refreshed website for the office as well as the Geblerstr. project to help the clients to sell these apartments and houses.

Q1 – Q2 2016

Architekturbüro Käßner

Q2 2016

wacker+mattner GmbH


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Web Development

Architectural Office Käßner

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The Architecture Office Käßner – lead by my father Egbert Käßner – is the creator of the Geblerstr. project. Together with the design of the Geblerstr. projects website we’ve decided to also refresh the website of my fathers architecture office. The website is a simple and elegant showcase of the offices projects. I’ve developed the website using plain HTML and CSS.

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Geblerstraße 8-10 Dresden

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This project is a residential complex with 4 houses containing a total of 12 modern apartments. The website was used to sell the apartments to interested people. To recognize the website I’ve created a small logo representing the 2 big trees in the center of the property.

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To help visualize where each apartment is located I‘ve created the 3D representation of the 4 apartments. Hovering one of them highlights the exact apartment size and location. This type of interaction worked well on desktop, but not as good on mobile. I couldn’t find a better solution to combine the hover and click interaction to also work on mobile. Though the detail popup of each apartment contains a static 3D representation again, so also mobile visitors won’t miss the visualization while checking out more details of each apartment.

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