Digital Product Designer (B.A.)

Berlin, Germany

Hi! I’m Alex — the designer you need for all kinds of digital products like apps, websites, icons and much more.

Over the last 10+ years, I’ve worked on several projects with different clients, built and shipped my own products, co-founded an app company, and helped shape the future of design tools at Sketch. In 2020 I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Interface Design at the UAS Potsdam.

Currently, I work as a UI/UX designer at Datawrapper.

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Side Projects

Recent Work

MeterStats for iOS

For my newest app, I’ve designed and developed the ultimate tracker to monitor energy, heating, and water usage. MeterStats is designed to enable people to analyze their consumption and test how specific events affect energy usage. It’s built entirely with SwiftUI and utilizes Apple’s latest Swift Charts framework for the detailed charts.

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Screenshot of the start view of MeterStats. Screenshot of the meter details showing charts for the meter's consumption in MeterStats. MeterStats App Icon
Design & Development 2023 – 2024


I joined the great people of Sketch — the app that changed the design tools landscape forever — as a Product Designer. Being part of the Collaboration Team, I worked on features like live collaboration, document sharing, versioning, web canvas and commenting.

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Screenshot of Sketch Mac App showing the canvas with an openend comment popover. Screenshot of the Sketch web app showing the canvas with an opened comment popover and the comment sidebar active.
Product Design 2022

Diagrams for Mac

Over a period of four years I helped design and successfully ship Diagrams — first as a freelancer, later as a co-founder. My role was everything design, including the app icon, UI, website, marketing, product videos and many other startup-related tasks.

App Website
Diagrams App Icon
Lead Design 2017 – 2022

Modern Mac App Icons

After Apple announced its new macOS icon design language, I helped various clients refresh their app icons for the new system.

ScreenFloat 2 App Icon Diagrams App Icon Keewordz App Icon TableFlip App Icon Hook App Icon Transloader App Icon Yoink App Icon Mp3tag App Icon NotePlan App Icon SpeakLine App Icon MacDown App Icon
Icon Design 2021 – 2022

iPad Main Menu Concept

For my bachelor’s thesis I worked out a concept of how a main menu we know from desktop computers could work on a touch device like the iPad. The main menu could be the foundation for more advanced pro apps on tablets by providing a place for more elaborate feature sets.

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3D iPad with concept screenshots of iPad Main Menu
Concepting 2020

Keepfully for iOS

I designed and developed this app myself as part of the pxlwaves lab app catalog. Keepfully helps you to keep track of money you borrow from friends, family or colleagues. The iPhone and Apple Watch app is designed for fast input and quick overview of your loans.

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Screenshot of adding a new loan entry in Keepfully. Screenshot of the list of all borrowed and lent money in Keepfully. Keepfully App Icon
Design & Development 2017 – 2018
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